The art of building a self motivated team

Aakash Ahuja
1 min readNov 1, 2022

Having a self-motivated team that goes the extra mile for the customer is vital to scaling a business.

I wanted to know how it’s done as we scaled our custom software development business at itmtb.

In search of the answers, I turned to the most unusual places that have a track record of customer delight — McDonald’s and Starbucks.

I interviewed 17 of their employees separately — 3 managers, 14 servers/baristas — and the answers were surprisingly common. Here are they:

1) We are trained to understand that it is important to delight the customer. We are taught that the wow factor is crucial for the customer

2) We feel happy and motivated when we see the customer enjoying the drink

3) We see our seniors/senior baristas doing the same thing so we know that is what we have to do

4) Guess they only hire the people who have that kind of mindset

I will leave the conclusions to you. I have found my answer.