Some IT project management practises that save us time

Aakash Ahuja
1 min readJun 5, 2023

From day 1 we have been focused on building the best software while remaining cost competitive. Sharing some of the simple IT project management best practises with you that are now saving us about ~26% of software development time & costs. As a result we are now able to pass some of these savings to our customers at itmtb Technologies. They are:

Starting with documentation — while PRDs/HLDs are done first, it is a common tendency to do low-level documentation at the end. We recently changed the approach to document low-level docs at the beginning. This helped the team gain a clear visibility of exact need, reduced ambiguity, testing errors, and all in all it saved us about 8% of time & cost.

Reusability within a project — We spend more time designing the architecture, and establishing how every component interacts with each other. This lets us identify components that could be reused within the project without compromising performance, security, or functionality. This now saves us about 6% of the time that we otherwise spent on reworks.

Serverless-first — Serverless saves costs to operate the software for the customer. But building the software first and then migrating to serverless architecture is expensive for development. We now take a serverless-first approach so we don’t waste that time & cost later on. Another 12% saving.

Would be excited to hear if you want to share what works for you.