How Artificial Intelligence Helps Automobile Dealerships

Aakash Ahuja
2 min readMar 31, 2022


Urbanization is all we see. But this country is much more than the glistening urban centers. The deeper one goes, one finds new ways in which businesses are grappling to stay abreast of the ever changing regulatory frameworks, and in some cases, of the customers who are looking to exploit the loopholes left behind.

Take the example of purchasing a vehicle for yourself. If you did that recently, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise, or as a challenge, when you were asked for your PAN card.

This wasn’t always the case. The regulation was modestly recent. And it was not a welcome regulation in some of the rural corners of this country.

Which is why when this regulation came into being, some vehicle purchasers resorted to submitting fake id documents. These instances were very very small, but if even one comes to light the onus would have been on the automobile dealer who made the sale. One vehicle, one instance of bad luck, would have meant a regulatory mess for the dealer.

So, our customer decided to do the smart thing. They started to seek a solution for this problem using technology.

While many of us fail to admire the value that the entire digitisation push of this government has brought, it is apparent in these corner cases. Most of these technology stacks are powered by technologies by computer vision, artificial intelligence and can compare provided details against securely managed government database. Leveraging these technology stacks allowed us to do instant, online verification of provided government identifications. Now they could simply upload an image of a document, or enter the details manually, and they could verify the authenticity. While doing so involves a very small price, it saves them from a million times bigger liability that could otherwise arise.

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