6 steps for bootstrapped businesses to survive and thrive the recession

Aakash Ahuja
1 min readOct 11, 2022

As a bootstrapped startup, you are going to sail high through the upcoming recession, if:

1) You are not blinded by the sex and glamour of an idea. You are focussed on solving the right problem. Your business may be unsexy, but if its needed and generates cash flow, you double down on it

2) You know your expenses and are street smart to keep them low without losing your quality. Positive cash flow is your gospel

You maintain a high-quality team no matter what. You understand that in a world that glorifies founders, the people who work for them are even more special. You take care of your people. No exceptions

You are networking left, right and center. But you are showing your value to your network rather than being a sales bully

Building a lasting business takes character, endurance, strength, patience and self-belief — while you do all the serious stuff, you’re having fun and taking care of yourself

Lastly, recessions are an opportunity to leap miles ahead from the competition. If only you could stay alive long enough. While others are running headless, you have a plan to do just that

Here’s to the wonderful times ahead!